May 15, 2023 4 min read

As the days get longer and warmer, most of us find ourselves in need of a seasonal change to help us make the most of the sunshine. With busy summer schedules, it’s important to take time for our personal well-being, from exercise to sleep to diet to having fun.

Find ways to soak up the sun this summer by revamping your self-care routine. From spending more time outdoors each day to ditching your smartphone to eating fresh summer foods, there are plenty of ways to care for your mind and body. Our guide to summer self-care explores ways to enhance your well-being and discusses some of the top wellness solutions to help make self-care easier.

Take care of your heart health this summer by minimizing your sedentary time and increasing your activity levels. Though the CDC recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of weekly physical activity, some studies have found that practicing exercise daily may be more beneficial for those who are mostly sedentary.

One retroactive study from Sweden found that substituting 30 minutes of sedentary time with low-intensity activity each day such as walking reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 24%. Further, increasing the intensity of exercise to 30 minutes of moderate to high-intensity activity such as jogging for running reduced the same risk of disease by 77%.

While there are plenty of reasons to exercise outdoors, don’t overlook the benefits of spending time in nature just relaxing. Research has found a strong positive correlation between the amount of time spent outdoors and reduced negative emotions. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, irritability or fatigue, nature can help relieve a variety of symptoms by acting as a natural mood-booster.

Studies have also found that spending time outside can help improve memory, learning and focus. So grab a blanket and head to the park or take a folding chair to the beach. Kick back, relax and let the power of nature rejuvenate your mind and body.

Summer is the perfect time to learn a new hobby or tackle a project you’ve been putting off. Thanks to warmer weather and longer days, you may find you now have the motivation and enthusiasm to shake up your normal routine.

Consider learning to play an instrument or taking a cooking class for your new summer hobby. Get inspired by summer sunsets and try your hand at acrylic painting. Pursue your interests with a group of friends or your family, which also helps to optimize social well-being.

Community involvement is a way to benefit others as well as improve your own well-being. Research shows that people who spend time volunteering have a lower risk of depression and report having less stress. Practicing community engagement is also a way to boost self-confidence and it often increases physical activity.

The community calendar is always chock full during the summer season. Check out your local newspaper or online bulletin board to see what’s happening around town. From arts and culture to farmers’ markets to volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of ways to connect with strangers and strengthen community bonds.

Did you know that people of any skin tone can develop melanoma—a type of deadly skin cancer linked to UV exposure? During the summer, we spend more time outdoors and receive much higher rates of sun exposure. For those who are at higher risk of sunburn, be sure to wear ample SPF, fully covering exposed skin. If you have extra sensitive skin, SPF 30 is the minimum dermatologist-recommended level of protection. Be sure to reapply every few hours and after swimming.

Regardless of your skin’s susceptibility to burning, everyone should be taking breaks from direct sun exposure to cool down and rehydrate. As the temperature increases, we need to constantly replenish fluids lost due to increased sweating. Be sure to protect your eyes with polarized lenses and wear a hat to prevent sunstroke.

Today, one of the best ways to invest in self-care is to restrict your screen time and learn how to limit your technology use. That’s exactly what the Mayo Clinic recommends with its Slim Your Screen Time Summer Challenge. This free, self-guided challenge helps participants improve their physical and mental well-being by reducing tech time and increasing time spent outdoors or with friends and family.

The challenge runs for two months during which participants are challenged to complete 30 activities from a list of 100 ideas. Activities range from making a bird feeder to building a sand castle to having a bonfire. When you register for the challenge, the Mayo Clinic provides a checklist to help you keep track of your screen-free activity. Sign up for the challenge or learn more about the benefits of cutting back on screen time.

One essential element of self-care is nourishment and getting a balanced diet for your needs. Summer is a time to revamp your diet by eating more fresh, in-season foods and cooking lighter meals. Incorporate hydrating foods like cucumber and watermelon, or cook with tropical ingredients, like pineapple. Bring in an array of fresh herbs, like sweet basil and mint, to help keep you cool on a hot evening.

Try your hand at grilling with barbecued pizzas, bell peppers or portobello mushrooms. Or add new flavors to a fresh salad with vibrant colors from mangoes, avocadoes or cherry tomatoes. You can also try a variety of fruit-infused water recipes by adding strawberry, kiwi or peach slices to your water bottle.

Prioritize your personal wellness this summer by investing in the right tools to help you relax, recover and enjoy all the sunny season has to offer. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your summer self-care routine, consider the below solutions to care for your body.

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