Inspire Waterproof Reusable Mattress Pad, Oversized 34"x 72

Inspire Waterproof Sheet Protector Absorbent Underpads offer an effective and inexpensive solution to incontinence troubles. These bed pads safeguard the central region of the bed where protection is essential and are washable and reusable. They eliminate the need to strip the bed, simply change the pad. Dark Navy color hides stains while adding style to your bedroom. Extra large 34 x 54 inches. They guard against moisture damage and stains on your bed and are ideal for overnight use. Soft, comfortable and latex free. 
  • DARK NAVY COLOR: Hides stains while adding style to your bedroom. Economical alternative to chux.
  • OVERSIZED XXL 34 X 72: Complete bed protection. The Inspire reusable bed pad offers more protection. Oversized underpad.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSUABLE: Washable and reusable mattress protector. Hospital pads.
  • PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE: Protects your mattress, bed and other furniture with the inspire waterproof mattress pad
  • SOFT AND COMFORATABLE: Soft and comfortable incontinence pad.