Dimples Booster Pads 21 Count

  • OUR MOST ABSORBENT BOOSTER PAD EVER: No more leaks, no more overflow, say goodbye to midnight sheet changing. The ULTRA Dimples Booster pads are designed to absorb even the heaviest of wetters. One size fits all, Newborn diapers sizes 1,2,3,4, 5, 6 and more, the ULTRA Dimples has you covered. Use in Disposable diapers or as a cloth diaper insert.
  • SIGNIFIGANTLY INCREASE YOUR DIAPERS ABSORBANCY CAPACITY: Stop nightime leaks. The ULTRA DIMPLES Booster Pad wicks moisture from your baby's delicate skin keeping your little angel dry and comfortable. The pad locks in fluid and prevents leaks.
  • ADHESIVE STRIP KEEPS PAD IN PLACE - SIMPLE TO USE: Simply peel off adhesive strip and secure to the inside of the baby diaper to torn any diaper in to a super diaper.
  • SLIM DRY TECHNOLOGY: 3x the absorbency with 1/2 the bulk for a comfortable fitting diaper liner. NO MORE LEAKS!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - WORKS WITH ALL SIZE DIAPERS - LATEX AND CHLORINE FREE: Diaper liners perfect as an overnight diaper, long car trips or any overactive bladder. Designed by parents trusted by parents.