Kolbs Pregnancy Wedge Pillow Memory Foam Top

Kӧlbs Adjustable Pregnancy Wedge Pillow A good day starts with a great night’s sleep. Acid reflux, neck and back pain, post-surgery and other medical conditions can often rob you of the sleep your body needs. The Kӧlbs Adjustable Bed Wedge offers optimal positioning for a comfortable and relaxing slumber. Memory Foam Upper Layer The top layer of the cushion features plush memory foam for comfort and excellent pressure prevention. Medical Grade Foam Core A high density core layer supports the memory foam to ensure just the right firmness and support. Adjustable Height Always the right height. Adjustable pillow allows for a host of comfort options. Luxurious Velvet Jacquard Cover A removable, cover is composed of thick velvet for a plush and comfy feel for your feet.