Kolbs Wheelchair Cushions Available In Multiple Sizes

The Kolbs Gel Extreme is a pressure-reducing wheelchair cushion designed to assist in the prevention and relief of pressure-sore ulcers. A thick fluid gel core is sealed in a leak-proof bladder providing excellent pressure distribution. This specially designed gel bladder is encased in medical grade high density foam offering the utmost in comfort. Not just for wheelchair users, this cushion is ideal for all chairs. Choose the size that fits your chair.
  • EXTRA THICK PRESSURE RELIEVING GEL: Trusted by medical professional for managing pressure ulcers and sores.
  • 5 LAYERS FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT: 1. Water resistant top cover. 2. High density foam for support. 3. Gel bladder provided pressure relief. 4. Medical grade foam cushioning below the Gel provides deep immersion. 5. Non slip bottom.
  • WATERPROOF COVER: Protects cushion from spills and fluids.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SEATING SURFACES: Not just for wheelchairs. Perfect for all seating surfaces, anytime a pressure relief cushion is needed.
  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF SIZES: Available in a variety of sizes to fit any wheelchair, pick the size that fits your chair